Sunday, December 29, 2013

Raising a Glass

As we drove back to Central Pennsylvania I couldn't help but think of all the friendly folks that have helped me out already....and the project is barely off the ground.

A big thanks to....

Neal Hutcheson for all the great contacts, Rodney Snedecker and Linda Hall for all the wonderful information regarding previously recorded sites, Ranger Nicholas Larson for the keys to the forest, Ernestine Upchurch for all the information and for just being so awesome, James Knight for dropping everything and helping us out at the cabin, Johnny and Pat Burress, your kindness and willingness to help us out at the drop of a hat was instrumental, Clark Tires....a business I will return to with more busted trucks!, and definitely Ran Boytner and the Institute for Field Research for thinking this was a good idea.

Oh, and I can't forget the lovely Laurel, the archaeologist turned geneticist, who despite her love of cold weather was an amazing moonshine partner to have.  

Laurel and Ernestine getting ready to dance a jig at the Quilt House!

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